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EUNIK app is community based app to help managers and institutions all over Europe making partners, building consortiums, and designing and implementing projects.

Your partners are already here! You will be able to find many partner opportunities, share your institutional information and experiences, and follow and be informed about all the EU calls.

And much more! Be able to disseminate all your project updates and outcomes, achieving a greater impact. Interested on educational programmes? You will be able to launch your in-app MOOC courses and Trainings powered by EUNIK.

Of course, we offer web design and implementation services,

You can enrol in EUNIK by creating your account online in this website or downloading the EUNIK in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Nop! You will be able to create your own public/private/hidden groups to coordinate your team, as well as your proposals and granted projects: docs and pictures upload, ZOOM calls, events…

We will support you with a specific online training for course designers. You will work on a template provided by us and then, our instructional designers will digitalise that into an in app eLearning content. Easy, efficient and with an awesome result.

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