Passionate Team. Knowledge Enterprise

EUNIK aims to contribute to the EU and the Erasmus+ Scheme by supporting public and private bodies with their specific needs on knowledge management, eLearning and online education programmes’ implementation, and the digital transformation that will lead the EU to the next generation.

There are thousands of organisations making great contributions to the EU strategy and its programmes, putting hands on problem solving and making relevant contributions to the cultural and scientific communities. But sometimes, the visibility and impact of these works, because of their traditional methodologies the impact does not reach its maximum. EUNIK support all kind of institutions on research and innovation activities.

What most excites our partners about EUNIK is the opportunity to join a network where institutions work together, make a difference, generate knowledge, and together go further.

Our Values

1. Innovation matters.

2. Accesible and quality-oriented science.

3. Human-focused technology.

4. Education as a life-long learning process.